SmartChoiceRx® Saves You Money

How does this valuable card work?

When the SmartChoiceRx® card information (RxGroup# and RxBin#) is entered into the pharmacy’s computer system, the price of the prescription is discounted based on the pharmacy’s agreement with SmartChoiceRx®. This type of cutting-edge technology allows for a seamless transaction process.

As an SmartChoiceRx® cardholder, you now have joined one of the largest and fastest growing prescription discount programs in America. Unlike any other program, this card was designed to save you money whether or not you have insurance.

If you have insurance check our pharmacy search to find the lowest priced pharmacy then simply present your SmartChoiceRx® card with your prescription to start saving. You will be provided the absolute lowest price at the pharmacy; either your insurance copay, the pharmacy retail price or the SmartChoiceRx® price.

As an SmartChoiceRx® cardholder, you have access to the deepest discounted prescription prices available. Remember, with this card there are no deductibles, no fees, no paper work or forms to complete, everyone qualifies and it is completely free. This program covers your entire household and it is pre-activated and can be used immediately. You can also share your card with family, friends or neighbors, or direct them to this website to print as many free cards as they need.

Who can benefit from the SmartChoiceRx® card?

  • Those with insurance who have generic copays of $10 or higher
  • Those without insurance
  • Those who may have insurance but have limitations like high deductibles, non-covered medications, high copayments or plan maximums (caps) on their benefits
  • Employees who are in their waiting period for healthcare coverage
  • Employees who cannot afford COBRA payments when they lose their job
  • Employees who cannot afford to cover dependents
  • Employers: Increase your generic copayment and supplement the program with SmartChoiceRx® cards. Your claims experience improves each time your employee saves. It is important to use the pharmacy search engine to find the absolute lowest price.

What is the cost of this program?

It is completely FREE. Share your card with your friends, family and neighbors so they can start receiving the absolute lowest price on their prescription medications!

Can the members of my family also use this prescription savings card?

Yes. This card will cover all of the family members living in your home and you can share your card with your friends and neighbors.

How much will my medicine cost with the card?

It varies by medicine and pharmacy. To find the absolute lowest price on your medication use the SmartChoiceRx® pharmacy price search.

How much will I save with the card?

There are savings of up to 87% on Generic medications and up to 25% on Brand-Name medications. SmartChoiceRx® wins eight out of ten times against the pharmacy price. Follow these steps to ensure you are paying the lowest price for your prescription medications:

What prescription medications are subject to discount with SmartChoiceRx®?

All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.

Are there any age or enrollment restrictions?

No, everyone can use the FREE card. Share them with your friends, family and neighbors.

Can anyone use my card?


I am not a U.S. Citizen, can I use the card?

Yes, anyone may use the program at pharmacies within the U.S. and it’s territories.

Does my doctor need to know about this card when writing my prescription?

No. This program will not affect the way you are cared for by your physician. You should, however, always consult with your doctor about how to save money on your prescription medications.

Do prices vary among participating pharmacies?

Our pharmacy discounts are significantly deeper at the independent pharmacies than at the large pharmacy chains. To find the absolute lowest price on your medication use the SmartChoiceRx® pharmacy price search.

SmartChoiceRx® Saves You Money