January 22, 2016


Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

In Home Care Testimonials:

“I watch commercials on the television about other companies that offer healthcare and I think to myself that no other agency can even compare to Easy Living because of the quality of caregivers that I have. The caregivers are careful and gentle with me because they know how fragile I am. I have a fear of falling and they make sure that they handle me with the most care possible. They are very thoughtful and they always are aware of the things that I need. There are days that I am not motivated to do anything and they have their ways of motivating me to do the things that I am supposed to be doing. They truly are the best.

These women have gone out of their way to help me. I am not kidding when I say that they find things to do that are far beyond the call of duty”

“I would definitely recommend Easy Living to anybody. The office staff takes such good care of me and introduces me to new
workers that are training. I know that everyone they hire will be excellent. I really trust Easy Living.”

“The caregiver was extraordinarily helpful when my mother had her fall. She was calm, professional, and very informed and helped at the medical center to make sure my mother was well taken care of. We were so grateful she was there to assist.”

“I appreciate most the attentiveness of the caregivers and flexibility to meet her needs. I also really appreciate that they have involvement with the clients and invited them to a staff party-that was a big deal to her.”

“Because of the people I have right now I am happy. I think it is very important to put the right people with the clients. Most other agencies don’t seem to care about putting the right people with the clients. We get along.”

“I feel that I have a direct communication with them if I have any concerns about a caregiver. I don’t feel like the organization would make it a situation. They would work with me. I feel like I can help with identifying my needs and communicating them to someone. It is always addressed quickly. Billing and staffing have been really well-handled. They are kind and understanding.”

“I wish I could rate the training and knowledge of the caregivers a twelve, they are that good. They are a blessing from God.”

“I haven’t had any problems with the office staff. They’re very nice and if they feel that something is wrong they will always call me to make sure that everything is okay. Everyone in the office is so sincere, which you don’t hear often these days.”

“The caregivers with Easy Living are more patient than the assisted living staff. The assisted living staff improve their own work by asking how the caregivers from Easy Living do things. Easy Living caregivers seem to have higher training and ability than those at any facility that my loved ones have resided at.”

“I would recommend them to anyone. I know that other people would be as happy with them as I am. I look forward to them coming. They are very nice and considerate people.”

“You were an OUT standing rep. for  The conversation was very informative and valuable for all 3 of us. Commendation to YOU on your PROFESSIONALISM, ALEX! My background of education and experience makes me very much aware of and attentive to PROFESSIONAL attitudes and behaviors. YOU got an A+ this morning! YOU also got an A+ from my mother – as you heard!”

“I have really enjoyed your services and especially want to commend you on the great help that was given to me by Mona and Pat. It was a real pleasure to have them both in my home and they sure were a great to help to me. I will truly miss them.”

“They debrief the next shift and learn from the prior shift what is going on that specific day. They come prepared to work. They are reliable and competent.”

“They are very responsive to all the things that I call them for. They are also very helpful when I have a question.”

“Their response is immediate, they take care of any problems or concerns and it is mostly like I think my dad is going to need help in this area and she jumps right on it and she coordinates with their doctor. It allows me to visit them and not worry about anything.”

“Easy Living is a good company who employs very reliable, trustworthy caregivers. They are very caring towards their clients.”

“I feel that I have a direct communication with them if I have any concerns about a caregiver. I don’t feel like the organization would make it a situation. They would work with me. I feel like I can help with identifying my needs and communicating them to someone. It is always addressed quickly. Billing and staffing have been really well-handled. They are kind and understanding.”

“Their means of communication through the caregivers’ notes was really excellent.”

“The caregivers treat you as an individual. The caregivers are never degrading in how they talk to me. the caregivers do not let
my frustration get to them. They are able to remain calm when I am upset.”

“I do feel that we are receiving all of the services that were promised to us. It is really a peace of mind to have
someone there with my brother when I cannot be there.”

“Our caregiver is always five minutes early, and stays as long as we need. She’s not a clock watcher. She’s always really good at working with me as far as the scheduling.”

“The caregivers at Easy Living treat me like a friend. That means a lot to me because I have no family close by. The caregivers
always talk with me and make me feel good. I am never lonely when they are here.”

“The excellent team of caregivers from remained at her side until the end; they felt like they had lost a family member”

“They communicate with me very regularly if there is a change in scheduling . That can be difficult for (this client) and they are sensitive to her needs. They keep us in the loop that has to deal with any changes coming up.”

“The caregivers come the same time everyday. There has never been a change in the schedule and someone shows up everyday.”

“So far, the coordination has been very good. One time, though, I had to get a sub and I did not like her at all.”

“If my grandmother is feeling under the weather or anxious, the caregiver very quickly figures out that trying to make her do something was not the way to approach her. She was creative and patient. I would recommend them because of the company’s values and personal approach to their clients. I would also recommend them because of the quality of their
caregivers. They seem to have great balance between compassion, patience, and skills in order to work with these very vulnerable human beings. They have loving awareness and are personable.”

“I appreciate the responsiveness of the management.”

“I appreciate the contact they keep with us. If there is an issue they handle it. The office communicates well.”

“The caregiver was well trained and knew what she was doing. I’m Italian and I like Italian cooking and my daughter told her how to cook things and she was very attentive and did her best to cook the way I like. I thought that they were pretty outstanding. I am glad that someone told me about this agency. I already have recommended them.”

“We had many caregivers over the course of three years. Most of them were very, very good. If they weren’t good
then we changed them.”

“I would say that the caregiver that we have more frequently is really hard working. Some work harder in some
days than others. I think they have a good work ethic and they work hard when they need to. Not every task is the same.”

“The caregivers are always dressed very appropriately and professional. They always look very nice weather
they are in uniform or street clothes.”

“Depending on what stage Mom was in there were some caregivers that weren’t prepared as well to work with her. We
are going to miss the caregivers. They became a part of the family.”

“I think the quality of the caregivers and their teamwork is the best aspect of their service. We are very pleased. I want them to know that, because they do such a good job.”

“The agency gives me updates and they really give great feedback. I am very satisfied with the services I receive. There has been some mixups with the schedule in the past.”

“I like how they are always willing to work and help out when someone else cannot be there.”

“I’ve had an interview before where I mentioned a problem and that problem has been fixed. The owner called me directly to personally reply, respond, and follow up so that the situation was solved to his satisfaction and mine. They have an annual party and that is beyond anyone’s expectations. That is something that my loved ones really enjoyed. That shows great value that the company has.”

“I have recommended this agency many times and a lot of the people I talked to are using them now and are very pleased.”

“I would recommend them because of the compassion the caregivers show.”

“Barring the one incident we had, the service has been great.”

“They answer the phone when I call. I can always talk to a live person. Most of the time they are immediately responsive. They don’t forget about commitments they have made to me.”

“Both of (the caregivers) showed that they are concerned and care about me. Some of the others we had didn’t work very well. Any one can show compassion if they make an effort to do things, and most of them tried very hard.”

“Most of the caregivers are good with the way they talk to her and read her, they can see whether see needs attention or space.
They are still able to do things and keep and eye on mom. They do not just sit and gawk at her, that would make her agitated.”

“They always stay the full three hours. One of the caregivers didn’t finish everything she wanted to, so she even stayed ten
minutes extra to finish.”

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

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